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Multiple Financial Services in the same place

Baker unifies in a single platform a variety of financial solutions. Users can select which ones are most appropriate for them out of various on-chain products.

Baker is for savers and risk-takers

Baker Finance launches with one of the latest lending mechanisms which allows for leveraged yield farming. It assists in achieving safe yields, and provides borrowers with collateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions. Thus, allowing them to greatly expand their farming principals and profits

Unbank yourself with Baker

Investments in Baker have no minimum deposits, KYC requirements, and it is available to anyone with internet access anywhere around the world. Use your Cryptocurrency as collateral instead of selling it.

Growing Together

We strive to include our community by creating means for users to earn together with the growth of the platform, becoming one big financial ever-growing ecosystem. Be a part of Baker.

Security First

The team has put heavy investment and utmost focus into security. All contracts have multiple audits and an experienced team behind them. Be safe with Baker.

Baker's system

Baker strives for caring and collaborating with the community. That’s why Baker becomes the first true community-driven platform where users can make their ideas a reality. Through governance, users can publish tools and modifications which will be published in the Livemap for everyone to see. Baker will then use its own funds to develop said ideas and implement them in the app. Create with Baker and let’s grow together into the one tool that will thrive in the cryptospace!

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